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As far as kids are concerned, Ragdolls are generally very kid-friendly and playful.

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Your Trusted TICA Registered Ragdoll Breeder

Embark on a journey with Fluffy Ragdoll, a distinguished TICA (The International Cat Association) registered Ragdoll breeder


Explore the enchanting world of Ragdolls with Fluffy Ragdoll

discover our curated selection of TICA registered Ragdoll kittens. Born and raised with love and meticulous care, our kittens become delightful additions to your family.

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Choosing a TICA registered Ragdoll from Fluffy Ragdoll

Choosing a TICA registered Ragdoll from Fluffy Ragdoll


About Us

We are delighted that you’ve found our charming, furry companions. We are a small-scale hobby breeder officially registered with TICA. Our commitment to raising kittens is deeply rooted in providing them a loving, family-oriented environment and providing ragdoll kittens for sale near me.

Our approach is to let our Ragdolls roam freely, ensuring they receive the care and affection of our entire family. We take great pride in breeding kittens that are not only visually exquisite but also robust and well-suited to social settings.

The well-being of our cats is our top priority, which is why we subject all our animals to thorough genetic testing for potential diseases like HCM, PDK1, and MPSVI, consistently yielding negative results. Additionally, we maintain a negative status for FELV/FIV, emphasizing our dedication to the health of our beloved cats.


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Appropriate Vaccination

We prioritize your kitten’s well-being with meticulous care, including ensuring they receive appropriate vaccinations for a healthy start in life

Proficient litter training

We excel in proficient litter training for your kitten’s smooth transition to a clean and comfortable home life.

30 days pet insurance coverage

We offer a valuable 30-day pet insurance coverage plan through Trupanion Pet Insurance. This ensures your pet’s health and well-being are protected during the crucial initial month in their new home.


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Responsible Breeding

We collaborate exclusively with responsible breeders

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Online and In-Store Choices

virtual marketplace but a physical, trustworthy location where you can make your selection immediately

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Worldwide Manual Delivery

No matter where you reside, we offer manual delivery services to your city

24/7 Guarantee

Need assistance or have questions? Our customer support team is available seven days a week

Easy Payment

This certification speaks to our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of care, compliance, and ethical practices

Client Testimonials

I am so grateful to have found Fluffy Ragdoll Kittens. From day one of submitting my application they were always responsive and answered every question I had! I told them what I was looking for.
Gabby Moulton
We adopted our Louis (aka Mr. Puff) on Halloween 2021. I instantly fell in love with him and East Coast Ragdolls! He is playful, cuddly, curious and so lovable. Louis is so sweet and patient with my grandchildren who love to read books to him. I consider us fortunate to have found Fluffy Ragdoll Kittens!
Erika Trexlar
I just adopted this beautiful boy a week ago. He is so sweet and cuddly, and he’s such a dream. He’s a dream come true! And that is why he’s named Sogno, Italian for “dream.” Fluffy Ragdolls, the breeder, was fantastic. They understood my needs, and helped me choose a great kitty for me. He came with toys and food, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I will for sure adopt again in the future from this breeder.
Anna Bashi

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